We are a young and dynamic company with a focus on strategic communcation and conceptualisation. Centring on health(care) in all its facets and aspects, we cover a broad thematic range. We support you in realising projects from the fields of medical treatment and care, therapy and prevention, as well as health-oriented forms of movement and training.

Individual project teams & flexible capacities

SANU HEALTH means clean and lean structures and direct paths of communication. For us, accessibility in every aspect is key. For this reason, you will always have one main point of contact in our core team for all your questions and queries. Your contact will also coordinate the collaboration with our team of (external) experts. This allows us to form the team with the right expertise and necessary capacities for any project you might be planning.

Communication: substance & aesthetics

Our work at SANU HEALTH is about creating connections. We believe that communication is only successful when the content reaches its addressees and meaning is transported. This means: beautiful words and phrases are not enough. The same goes for content: high but inaccessible quality won’t do the trick either. For this reason, we always strive to build bridges and create connections bringing together both sides – sender and recipient, content and form, professional expertise and aesthetic design. Let us create your individual way of communication that truly reaches your clients!

Expert knowledge & (strategic) communication

Linguistic expertise meets healthcare knowledge put into practice. The connection between the two fields has already been laid down in the biography of Dr Sabine Nunius, the founder of SANU HEALTH. With a PhD in English Literature and Cultural Studies, as well as comprehensive training as a personal trainer and trauma yoga therapist, Sabine Nunius has been creating this bridge in her professional and personal life for more than 20 years.

Founding SANU HEALTH has allowed her to extend this vision even further. As a team, we want to bring together theoretical and practical expertise with well thought-out solutions and implementations. In doing so, our work is driven by a shared passion for all topics related to health and healthcare. Closely collaborating with our external network of experts and partners, we create vibrant and authentic projects that set things in motion and create a lasting impression.

Dr Sabine Nunius

Founder / Proprietor

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